Weekend….of giving thanks?

Well…..thanks to my boss’s for giving me four days off! So when thinking about what subject to write about tonight I decided I should just go with my long weekend. Though not extremely exciting, it was still a great time to say the least. Before the weekend officially started I FINALLY got a houndstooth coat. I’ve been looking for months so I’m super excited! I think I found the perfect one.

Anyway, Wednesday I got off work early and went home to pack for my best friend John’s and I’s annual trip to the Dallas Cowboy’s game for Thanksgiving! We have been doing this for a little over 5 years now. The other tradition that usually goes with this weekend is going to the San Antonio Spurs game Friday night. Obviously since basketball isn’t starting until Christmas, that didn’t happen.

After 5 hours of driving we decided that we would go out to meet with some long time friends, Elia and Lisa Georgalis at their bar in Dallas called the Inwood Tavern. This place is super fun and has lots to do. They have a small stage, pool table, shuffle board, Golden Tee a super sweet patio with another bar outside AND free popcorn….come on!

Thanksgiving day was spent at the stadium freezing. Nah it wasn’t that bad but it was pretty chilly. The game was super fun though. It started off a little slow but picked up after the amazing half time show featuring Enrigue Iglesias and Pitbull. : / yeah…that’s what I said.

After the game we got right back on the road and headed home…..Friday was spent cleaning my apartment, yes very fun. The rest of my weekend was spent catching my friend up on the current season of Dexter and just vegging out. Oh but I did do a little shopping today. I have to say it was pretty easy for me not to spend money. No I haven’t gone crazy I’m just not really liking what’s out there right now. Like I’ve said before; just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean to have to wear it. I’m just not into the Native American look I guess or the gross fur vests and such. EWE. You girls look like Ewoks! Please stop! Sorry went a little batty there. Well, I did manage to pick up a few fun things included some cute black and white stripped small heels on sale at Nordstrom rack marked down to $8 from $60…yes $8. I had to get them duh.

So it’s time to go as the new episode of Dexter will be on soon. Have a great week everyone and check out my photo gallery from the weekend. I’ve included some pics form the game as well as some things I bought today. Click on one photo and the gallery will come up. Enjoy and thanks for reading!


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