Laser Hair Removal


Stop shaving and waxing and get laser hair removal! It’s one of the nest things I’ve ever done and once you start; you won’t want to stop. Sooner than later your entire body will be hair free! Yes the cost is a little more up front but the long-term benefit is worth it. If you’re currently getting waxed it doesn’t even compare. Laser is less painful and you don’t have to grow out your hair. You continue to shave throughout the duration of the treatments so you stay hair free. The money you would spend on waxing and razors, is far beyond what you would spend for laser hair removal over time.
Laser hair removal is safe and available for all skin types. The best result will be on lighter skin with darker hair, but other skin types will get great results as well. Normally you need anywhere from 6-9 treatments depending you since hair growth is hormonal, everyone responds differently. Hair removal on the face tends to take more treatments than the body because it’s very hormonal and a bit stubborn but it works eventually. There are minimal side effects from the laser with the most common being burns and hyper pigmentation (brown spots). The most common reason you would get a burn is if you recently had any sun-exposure, used self tanner, spray tan or a tanning bed. Most of the time you need to avoid these things one week prior and one week after your treatment, depending on what type of laser is being used. There are many types of lasers so do your research to see what may work best for you. The cost can be anywhere from $50-$15k…depending on what and how many different areas you are getting treated and what clinic you go to. Many clinics have financing available as well if needed. There are clinic’s like Amore Laser in Austin, Texas for example that are priced very competitively low where financing in not even necessary. What state you live in makes a difference in the price as well.
So have I convinced you yet? Just think…a year from now, you could virtually be hair free!
Questions? Please ask. I’m here to help!



One thought on “Laser Hair Removal”

  1. A friend sent me a few questions on Facebook so I thought I would post here just in case anyone had the same questions….

    Hey Lisa- I read your review on hair removal and this deal in my neighborhood just came up and I was wondering what you thought of it… Is this a good laser?

    Professionals who defuse hostile hair takeovers with the Cutera CoolGlide laser designed to remove unneeded bodily fleece. The specialty laser, which is effective on all skin types, gently destroys hair at the follicle using long wavelengths, a cooling device, and laser pulses. Clients typically experience minimal discomfort similar to a mild pinching during the hair-removal process, and Pure Beauty’s seasoned staff recommends three to six treatments.

    Me: I checked into the Cutera Laser and that laser is good. I was told it’s much more painful then the ones I’m used to usuing so maybe you should see about getting numbing cream for you treatments.

    What if I get pregnant in the middle of treatment… can you still do laser treatments while you are pregnant?

    Me: No you can’t. If you are trying to get pregnant you should wait. The most important thing with this is the consistency. You will have to stop in the middle then start over cause your hormones are all crazy. The best advice is to wait until after your pregnancy.


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