Cali Christmas Part One

So my Cali Christmas journey hasn’t started off so well but things are looking up! Apparently, I missed my flight. Bad Pony! Yes I read the incorrect time. I arrived at the airport right as my flight was about to leave with 10 minutes to spare. Perfect you say? No! Can I just run to the gate? No! The guy informed me that all flights are sold out. Stand-by isn’t even an option. I would be waiting all day and night and most likely not get on a flight at all. It would also be more difficult since I have to change planes in Dallas. So after what seemed about 30 minutes which was probably about 5, he found something for me. Ok, he says, this is your ONLY option. 7:30 flight tonight straight to LAX, not OC. Ugh. That’s six and a half hours from now. I was just dropped off, no car. The change fee is $50. At least my flight was free. Thanks credit card points. It is what it is right? At least he was nice enough to omit the checked bag fee which would have set me back $25 after the $50 I just paid.
Do I have my friend come back and pick me up? Then I’ll have to try to secure a ride for later and I don’t know many people here so that’s probably not going to happen. Ok so I will just sit and wait. Six hours, six hours. I could have worked today! I’m already broke and I haven’t even gotten there yet! Oh well I caused this situation and there’s nothing I can do to change it. So…ya know. I guess I will just have to wait it out, grab some snacks and wait patiently for my flight.
I picked up the latest edition of Marie Claire with Angelina Jolie gracing the cover ever so beautifully, the latest edition of Playboy featuring Linndsey Lohan, fritos and a cherry coke. $18 later, as I’m walking back to my terminal to sit and wait. I came across a photo booth with ole Saint Nick himself! Yay Santa! Free photos! Well I think I may have a little time here so why not. At least I get something for free after just spending $75 I wouldn’t have spent otherwise. My turn! I plopped right down on Santa’s lap and told him what I wanted for Christmas. I didn’t really tell him but it sounded good. Anyway, sweet pics are finished. I got an email with a few pics and a printed photo as well and may I say the quality is excellent.
Fast forward to this moment. As I’m writing I’m sitting at the Asleep at the Wheel Road House bar in the Austin airport listening to the amazing Irish folk sounding band passing the time. 3 hours to go…..


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