No Doubt; Jimmy Kimmel was awesome!

IMG_4059 I was pretty bummed when I missed No Doubts seven night stint at Gipson amphitheatre ; so when my friend Katrina invited me to see them on Jimmy Kimmel Live, let’s just say I was ecstatic. This was my 21st No Doubt show and it never gets old. The first time I saw them was in 1992, 21 years ago. Wow how time flies. Anyway, this was the first night in 2013 Jimmy was back after winter break and now beginning at 11:35 to compete with Jay Leno. Jennifer Aniston was the guest and it was her first appearance as well. It was a huge premier and I got to be a part of it thanks to my friend Katrina Kinzler! You’re the best!

I arrived at the show about 4:45 and waited less than ten minutes to get into the green room with no problems. Perfect. There were people who had been waiting outside for about 6-8 hours just to see No Doubt. Luckily I was not one of those people. I’ve done that before and it’s not fun. I waited for hours in 2009 to see Depeche Mode at Jimmy Kimmel Live as well. In heels. Not fun…but, worth it in the end. So back to the green room.. Since I was there alone at this point; hanging around a bunch of people I didn’t know was a little awkward and I felt out-of-place.  I basically just stood against the wall and people watched. None the less; it was cool being there. The green room is pretty small and was very crowded. There’s a few couches, TV’s, a bar, pool table and arcade games. They served finger foods as well which was good because I was starving at that point.

Not long after I was there my roommate arrived so I was no longer alone. Yay me! We hung out for a while, mingling, meeting new people and watching Jennifer Aniston on the TV’s until we were told to go outside to set up for No Doubt. Yay it’s time! As we were walking out Katrina had just arrived and was right there waiting. Perfect timing, let’s go to the show! We were able to watch the show from the stairs. We had a perfect view with no one blocking us as we can see over everyone’s heads. Anywhere you stand there did have a great view though since the area was very small. Everyone was pretty close to the stage no matter where you were. Here comes No Doubt!

Firstly they performed two songs to record for the show, which were Push and Shove, the title track to their new record, and Hella Good from 2002’s Rock Steady. Then they played six more songs for the fans! Sweet, a little mini concert.  They were amazing as always. Super fun! I didn’t want it to end. After the show we went back to the green room to hang out and chat with friends and make new one’s. I ended up getting a picture with one of my favorite people Adrian Young and of course Mrs. Gwen Stefani herself. I also would like to say that the staff at Jimmy Kimmel Live is great and everyone is very nice. Especially my friend Tad! Great night.

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