More bounce to the…

What’s the first thing you do when you get home ladies? Take off your bra right? I noticed over the past few years how painful wearing a bra really has become; mainly in the rib cage area. I read that I probably have rib cage flares, which many women have. Ok fine but it hasn’t always been this way. It’s becoming more painful as I age. So that got me thinking. why do we need to wear bras? Do we really need to? Why do I have to be in pain?

I remember in the summer before 7th grade, my stepmother dragged me over to the hallway mirror in the entry way of my dad’s house, stood behind me, grabbed me by my shoulders and said “see those, do you see those little things?!” You need to start wearing a bra.  As I looked at myself in the mirror, wearing my pink top with a little apple decal; my face began to look like the apple on my top because I was so embarrassed. I was already a shy kid so this was a bit much for me.  Going to the store to pick out the new bra was even worse. Trying to put it on alone in the bathroom was even worse than that. I remember being so pissed off and frustrated; even at a young age. Why do I have to go through this I asked? Because you need to “train” your breast. Train them for what? Are they going to be in the Olympics in a breast bouncing competition? At that age I didn’t even have anything to hold up. So the question is; why start wearing a bra as a child? What could that possibly do for you? Obviously one reason is so little boys won’t make fun of you but I’m talking about medically. Does a bra do your body good?

I understand that because we as a society, have been wearing them for so long now, that we believe we HAVE to. Where did that information come from? My doctor has never said anything about the health benefits or wearing a bra. In fact, it’s never been discussed. Well since national no bra day is coming up on October 13th , I thought I would talk about this and see what people had to say. I wish it was no bra every day.

Of course I’m not an expert on anything but I read many studies that have been done about how NOT wearing a bra can be beneficial and it seems to make a lot of sense to me. The main finding which I’m sure everyone would agree with is wearing a bra does absolutely nothing for “sagging breasts.” The very reason we are told to wear them in the first place. Remember? For “training.” If that were true, most older women would have firm, non sagging breasts right? Then you wouldn’t have to wear a bra when you got older. If the whole point of starting to wear then at a young age to train them for not sagging but it’s not true, why we do we torture ourselves! Research actually shows the opposite effect. Not wearing a bra can increase more muscle tone and supporting breast tissue.  Wearing a bra most of your life can actually make them sag more. Think about it. It makes sense. You would build muscle since your breasts will be able to move.

For me personally, finding a bra that fits me correctly and is comfortable at the same time, is very rare if not impossible. I’ve tried. I would love if we didn’t have to wear them at all and be free! Yeah yeah I know…what about the nipple?! I wish it wasn’t such a big deal either since every human has them. I mean I don’t think we as women need to walk around topless or anything but on the other hand what’s wrong with a little nip? Can people not control themselves? They didn’t wear bra’s on Three’s company! Why are we going backwards? There is a good comprise though if you’re not comfortable going bra-less just yet and it’s called the bra-lette. It’s a good in-between bra. No they won’t push your boobs high up into round ball shapes but they’ll give a little lift and a little coverage for your nips so you don’t feel too naked and you won’t have to the of under-wires and feel so restricted. Technically, yes I know you breast look “better” in a certain shape but I feel that’s just because that’s what we are used to seeing. Or try a camisole or nipple covers if that’s what concerns you.

I’m not going to say everyone should stop wearing a bra. Do what’s right for you. Maybe you could try not to wear one as much as possible and see how you feel. It may feel weird at first but the more you don’t wear one; the better it will feel once you get used to it. Oh and if you feel like being even more adventures, visit one of these cities in the US and feel free to walk around topless! That’s right there are 12 cities where being completely topless is legal and you can literally walk around with no top. Just saying. These free boobing cities are Asheville, NC, Austin, TX, Boulder, CO, Columbus, OH, Eugene, OR, Honolulu, HI, Kenne, NH, Madison, WI, New York, NY, Portland, OR, Santa Fe, NM, and Washington, DC. I have read 33 states actually allow this but in reality they really don’t you will still get hassled. Anyway, just thought I would put that out there.





3 thoughts on “More bounce to the…”

  1. Haha you are too funny with your breast bouncing competition!!! lol since I work from home I never wear a dang bra unless of course I have to run to the store or something- I don’t want the pervs staring at the nips!!! lol plus I have no boobs so all my bras are dang push up bras lol


  2. Down with bra’s !!!! Lol….I hate them!! I only wear them when I really have to…..when I cant get away with no bra or sports bra 😉


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