Happy 2017… and no, 2016 was not the #worstyearever

Well yes many people who we don’t know but feel like we do passed away, there were riots and shootings, the president-elect wasn’t exactly everyone’s choice and there were many terrorist  attacks. Too many that I’ve lost count. Even so; it’s not the worst year ever. In fact, we have it pretty good compared to people and what they went through not too long ago. We at least have the luxury of sitting in our beds watching A New Hope in our Care-Bear onesie typing on our iPads, eating chocolate chip cookies and, well, you get the point.

I want to point out some positive things that happened this year all around the world! There are good things happening every single day. We need to focus more on the positive. I know it’s tough because most of the news we are given is negative and biased, but there are good things happening and good people out there. Whining doesn’t help and we can’t have everything we want in life. It’s not always going to go your way. Just remember, we only live once, so let’s make the best of this.  Here are some positives things I found.

🔹Region of the Americas is Measles  free! What? Are measles something we were worried about? Well, a little. There were a few cases in 2015 but thanks to vaccines, we are all clear! It took 22 years of hard work to achieve that goal.

🔹Remember the ice bucket challenge? Well a few years back everyone was getting splashed with buckets of water to raise money for ALS. Good news. That’s money helped! They haven’t found a cure yet but have made a major discovery leading them in that direction.

🔹Since 2000; the ozone layer has shown signs of heeling and has closed a bit. This proves that banning the use of the chemicals in aerosol cans etc, has helped.

🔹For those who care about the Dakota Access pipeline; a victory was won and the construction the pipeline was stopped due to the efforts of many who stood up for what matters to them.

🔹 A peace treaty was made in Columbia.

🔹The panda is no longer on the extinct list!

🔹The numbers of tigers are on the rise.

🔹A vaccine for Ebola was developed.

🔹Sea world will stop breeding captive killer whales.

🔹Nasa’s Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter.

🔹California is powering over 6 million homes with solar power.

🔹 Bank firm will pay for college tuition for children of the employee victims of 911.

🔹ROUGE ONE was released.

Those are some positive things right? i know there are many more and I do see stories on social media that are positive. Sometimes. People still have to make their negative comments though. Let’s try to be more positive this year and nicer to people. People act like they care so much about people around the world etc but can care less about their neighbor. They probably don’t even know their name. Let’s try to change that. We need to stick together.


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