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What’s in your bag?

Hello all…I’m back! I really didn’t go anywhere, I’ve just been a big loser lately, but I’m back in action! Anyway, I have always liked the “in the bag” page in the back of Marie Claire I’m sure you’re all familiar with just to see what products people are using and to find new things I can add to my own bag of goodies.  I actually don’t carry much. I have a small make-up bag I carry with the basic essentials, as well as my wallet, my phone and sunglasses. That’s pretty much it unless I’m going out-of-town. Now that’s a different story.                                                                                                  

This week the bag I’m carrying is a leopard print number by L.A.M.B. (Gwen Stefani) one of my favorite  designers. Well duh!  As I’m pulling out items from my lovely little make-up bag, I realize I really don’t use anything in here much but hey, you never know what you may need. It’s always good to be prepared!

So let’s see what I’ve got in here…..Band-aids, hand sanitizer, tweezers (always a must), a nail file, mini perfume, a hand mirror, plastic toothpicks, a hand bag holder for the table, (never used) and a couple of hair ties. Oh lip-gloss and a compact though I don’t use it,  but that’s about it. I like to keep it very minimal. Only the basics.

If I was only able to carry five items in my bag in some weird bizzaro world, they would be; tweezers, hand sanitizer, a hair tie, lip-gloss and a mirror I suppose.

Make-up bag-Harajuku Lovers, Lip-gloss-Lorac, Hand mirror-Tokidoki,  Compact-Lorac, Wallet, L.A.M.B, Tweezers and nail file-Tweezerman

What’s in your bad ladies? If you could only carry five items what would they be? Post answers and pictures below I would love to hear from you!



Pretty Little Things

I just happened to see a ring I love yesterday and it got me thinking….what other pieces of jewelry would I not mind having?! So, I went on a search for awesome affordable pieces just in time for the holidays so men please pay attention. This is what your chick wants. Make her happy. Get her a little something extra she’s not expecting. : ) Of course these are styles that I personally like which may not be for everyone but I thought I could at least give some ideas.

So, my search started off with the website I looked for gemstone rings here for the most part. What caught my eye and led me to this website in the first place is this 1 1/2 carat morganite and black diamond 14k Pink and gold ring.  This ring was love at first sight.

Then there’s these lovely gems…the middle ring is my favorite one.

Then I trotted on over to which carries Nicole Richie’s line House of Harlow 1960 which is amazing. I really need the star earrings!

Let’s not forget the fun stuff at You can always rely on them. The octopus broach is just AMAZING.


Always a winner is silver jewelry from Tiffany’s. Timeless. Always in style. Makes a great gift for that someone special….or your special self.

Questions? Advice? Please ask! Please comment below and pass it along. Thanks for all your support! Happy shopping and happy holidays!