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Weekend of the crop top.

Since Thursday was my day off; I figured I would start the weekend then, even though I did have to work Friday. I made a decision in the beginning of the week that it was going to be a good one and I was going to have a fun time no matter what, and it all started with a crop top. Crop top you ask. I made a conscious decision that I was going to have a good time and I felt like i wanted to wear what i want and not worry about it. Usually I think too much about how i look, if my tummy looks poochie, if I’m thin enough, too old, etc. Then it hit me. Know one cares. I worry too much. After all I visit Disneyland a lot so I see what a lot of the general public wears and it’s not pretty! Speaking of Disneyland; I was waiting for my good friend to pick me up and whisk me off to our Disney adventure! Both of us have season passes so why not. I usually visit the park at least once a week, sometimes twice. Yes I’m getting addicted. Anyway, so our plan was to get on a few rides, see a few things, eat and go to Downtown Disney to watch Maleficent. I have been wanting to see it for a week now. Seemed like I was the only one who hasn’t. So we did just that. The park wasn’t too crowded, especially since a lot of schools are already out. I thought it would be worse.

After a few rides and a quick meal in Downtown Disney, we sat down for Maleficent at the theatre there. I have to say I was little disappointed but it didn’t think it was terrible. Maybe I expected too much because I heard it was so good from many people. I just thought it was a little slow and they could have done a better job with the story line. I did like looking at Angeline Jolie though as I thought she looked amazing as always. Then I headed home to watch the San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat! What a great day.

Friday after work it was right on to Orange is the New Black season 2. So excited. Fast forward to right this moment and I’m currently on episode 6. I would have been further along if it didn’t stop freezing. Netflix does NOT stream well through my blu-ray player ugh. It’s hard to watch anything! Anyway I got lunch at Mother’s Saturday afternoon with my roommate, then met up with friends for some appetizers and cherry coke’s! Followed by more Orange… I love it so far. It definitely doesn’t disappoint. Two more days and I will probably be finished. And then what?

Sunday funday was spent with my friend Kirsten at Oc Weekly Summer Fest at the Newport Dunes in Newport Beach, Ca. Great bands played like Allensworth, The Debonaires, and The Aggrolites. I ran into a great friends from high school that I haven’t seen in 20 years! Overall it was pretty chill there, not too many people, nice day, good music and some food trucks. I just feel like it could have had a little more. I’m not talking about a huge festival and tons of venders or anything like that. I like the small feel but there was about 5 food trucks which is pretty good for the amount of people there and a few little vendors with some swimsuits and clothing but nothing exciting. There could have been more stuff to do. Something to make it a little more fun. Maybe some type of contest or competition and more stuff to at least look at. Overall, it was a great day. Aside from my Spurs losing to the Heat; but enough about that.

Happy monday everyone and I hope you all have a great week!



Movie Monday!

Yeah yeah Monday is almost over but that’s okay right? It’s never too late to write! I’ve been busy all day cleaning and doing laundry on my day off. Very exciting yes I know. Before heading to downtown Austin yesterday for a little SXSW action, my friends and I caught Wanderlust at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. Love this place. The only thing I didn’t like is the non-stadium seating that we’ve become so accustom to. That’s just because it’s pretty difficult to see through people’s heads! Anyway, let me just say; I thought this movie was a blast from start to finish. They’re weren’t any boring or dull moments at all. I’m not saying it was the best movie I’ve ever seen, nor the funniest. It was just very entertaining. A lot of fun, a little vulgar and a lot of laughs.

This film is basically about an NYC couple who end up at a hippie compound type place that changes their lives. It test their love ,and questions what they really want and need in life. Not in a sappy way though. I wouldn’t say it’s a romantic comedy but a comedy that has some romance. Don’t they all? Even Tommy boy has a little romance! That’s about it folks! I don’t want to ruin it for everyone you know.

Paul Rudd is super charming like always, and the rest of the cast doesn’t disappoint. It co-stars Jennifer Aniston, as well as Justin Theroux(my number #1 for the past 14 years and running lol) Malin Akerman, Alan Alda and many awesome character actors we all know and love; but don’t know their names.

Fun fact: Despite being naked throughout the film, Joe Lo Truglio wore a prosthetic penis. Most of the cast ran up to him and touched it as a joke after showing up on set. Maybe that will give you an indication of the type of film this is.

I say GO SEE IT!!! It’s a fun, lighthearted, great date or out with the girls type film. Fun for all! Happy watching.

Attention All Stoners!

So now that I have your attention…:) I finally caught the future holiday classic film, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. It’s pretty much what you would expect. It’s raunchy, silly, idiotic, stupid and amazing all at the same time. Granted it’s not as funny as the previous two films but it’s definitely entertaining. I normally would not want to watch a movie in 3D because it hurts my eyes and I don’t think you can see everything that’s going on. I have to say that it actually looked pretty sweet! I really don’t need to tell you the plot since I’m sure you know what you’re going to be dealing with here unless you’re completely going into this blindly. Basically; you know what it is. It’s a super fun good time.

The third film in this ongoing dramatic saga takes place about 6 years after Guantanamo Bay. It’s a heartwarming story about two friends who have drifted apart and are forced together again by nature. You know they get into some hijinks along their journey! NPH ( Neil Patrick Harris in case you don’t know) makes another appearance even though he died in the last film. It really doesn’t matter because his character is awesome and there’s no way they could have left him out. Yes a bit overly dramatic but hey isn’t the entire film? Also making an appearance is veteran actor, Machete himself, Danny Trejo! He is 67 years old by the way and still kicks ass!

Go see this movie before it’s gone. The 3D makes it fun.