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I heard if you…well you heard wrong! -Top 10 beauty myths everyone knows about but still doesn’t seem to believe.

There are so many beauty myth’s that are passed down from generation to generation that we hear, and are not exactly true; but for some reason we keep doing or believing these things. I guess it’s because so many of us hear it time and time again, it would seem that it must be true right? Well wrong! Here are the top ten.

1. Shaving does not make you grow more hair, nor thicker or darker hair.-Okay so think about it. How would that even be possible? You are cutting hair on your skin’s surface, not penetrating your skin and damaging the follicle. The hair appears thicker and darker because you are cutting the hair bluntly. Because it appears thicker and darker, that makes it also seem like there’s more hair growing as well. 

2. You cannot shrink your pores-I know, I know, there’s a ton of ads promoting products that claim to do so. Well it’s not true. There’s no way to change the size of your pores. You can make them appear smaller to the eye for a temporary effect, but that about it. Pores do not actually shrink and products basically just fill them in like putty temporarily. 

3. Dark circles are not caused by lack of sleep-That’s right! You know what you can do to prevent dark circles? NOTHING. It’s genetic. You’re either prone to them or you’re not. It’s that simple. Lack of sleep may cause a little puffiness, but again not the circles.

4. Tweezing a Grey hair does not cause more to grow-It doesn’t I promise! It’s probably not a good idea to do it and it kinda hurts but it will not cause more growth. If you’re still worried then just trim it. 

5. Chocolate and greasy foods to not cause breakouts-Nope, they don’t. You shouldn’t be eating those things anyway right? If you do though; instead of worrying about two things you’ll only have to worry about one. Your health.

6. Split ends cannot be mended with products-Yes ladies it’s just marketing. The only way to mend those ends is to cut them off!

7. Crossing your legs does not cause varicose or spider veins-Another problem that’s mostly hereditary too. Sorry ladies. Being on your feet all day can slightly cause them as well but it’s pretty much your genetics.

8. Stress does not cause Grey hair-What?! Yes it’s true! Like most of our “problems,” Grey hair is cause by genetics and again of course. 

9. You cannot remove your cellulite-That’s what I said. You can use all the lotions and potions and laser treatments you want, but cellulite is here to stay. Fat or skinny most have  women it and like everything else, it’s hereditary .So thank the one’s who you were before you. 

10. DRINKING WATER DOES NOTHING FOR YOUR SKIN-This is the number one beauty myth of all. Even though it’s been said time and time again; people still believe this to be true. It’s not. Hey of course you should drink a lot of water, but getting good skin out of it will not happen. It fact your skin needs oil and that makes it healthy. Using sunscreen won’t hurt either. 

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Winter Skin Woes

Winter just began a couple a weeks ago can you believe it! It’s so chilly it seems like it’s been Winter for months! With the cold months ahead, one thing you can be sure of is dry, itchy and sometimes flaky skin. NOT a good time. Basically your skin dries out due to a lack of humidity. The air is dry; your skin is dry. It’s as simple as that.

So what can you do? Here are some basic tips that will help.

1. Moisturize- A lot! You are hopefully applying moisturizer to your face at least once a day but now maybe apply a few times if you can. At least 2. Usually you want to stay away from an oil based moisturizer, depending on your skin type of course, but for the winter, it really can help your skin. It adds a protective layer and shields your skin from the harsh dry air. The best time to moisturize your face and body is right when you get out of the shower. The warm water opens up your pores and allows the product to absorb deeper into the layers of your skin.

2. Sunscreen No, sunscreen is not just for  summer! You should be wearing sunscreen on your face every single day no matter what the weather is like, and on any other exposed areas as well. You should be wearing at least an SPF 15 but SPF 30 should really be the way to go. Anything higher than that doesn’t do much more at all, contrary to popular belief. It’s mostly marketing. Many people don’t understand that SPF (sun protection factor), means the amount of time you can spend in the direct sunlight before you have to re-apply. For example; SPF 30 means you can spend about 30-45 minutes before you need to re-apply your sunscreen. If you are just in and out of the sun throughout the day for short periods of time, applying once in the morning is efficient. So an SPF 75 etc. is not stronger. It only means it lasts a little more time protecting you before you need to re-apply.

3. Fish-Oil- This vitamin supplement contains Omega-3 fatty-acids which aids in moisturizing your skin from the inside out.

4. Exfoliate- Be sure to exfoliate your face and body at least once a week to shed a layer off your epidermis to allow moisturizers to penetrate deep into your skin.

Also remember your skin my also be dry if you’re using your heater a lot in your home. Using a humidifier is a good way to help balance the air. Try to take showers or baths using luke-warm water. I know it’s not easy trust me, I like a super hot shower but your skin doesn’t. Hot water is definitely a huge culprit in drying out your skin.

Any questions? I’m a licensed skin care therapist and I will try to answer anything I can for you. Thanks for reading!

Laura Mercier-Product of the week!

I absolutely love this face polish, flawless skin by Laura Mercier. I received a free sample kit containing a few of her products with my points from Sephora and let me just say; this is the best scrub I have ever used. I went out and got the full size product right away. It has a creamy texture that glides onto your skin very nicely along with the purifying microbeads exfoliating your skin. It leaves your skin super smooth. Oh did I mention how amazing it smells?! The scent is very mild and calming. It is truly fabulous.

I personally use this product every other day but if you have sensitive skin, 2-3 times a week is sufficient. You only need to use a dime size amount. Using any more will just be wasting your product. You can go a long way. It comes in a 3.4 OZ tube and retails for $30. It can be found and many stores including Nordstrom, Macy’s, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, amazon and of course So get pick up yours today!

Please post any questions about this post or general skin care questions. Thanks for reading and please pass along this blog to your friends!

Que Sera Sera,