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What’s the Skinny?

You’re so skinny do you eat? Have you lost weight? You’re so thin. These are things that some of my friends and I hear on a pretty consistent basis; and no, we don’t take it as a compliment. Here’s why…

I don’t come up to you and say; you’re so fat. Do you ever stop eating? It’s the same thing. You may not look at it that way but it is. I would never say anything like that to anyone anyway as I’m just trying to make a point. If I’m asked a question by a close friend of course I would be honest but I’m not going to verbally attack you.  First of all I didn’t ask. I’m sure my friends and acquaintances don’t mean any harm, but the tones in people’s voice’s when they say it, sounds like they are in disgust like I’m a super super skinny twig who’s about to keel over. I’m not. I have a small frame and yes I do eat. I have been the same size since high school. Am I supposed to gain weight because I’m older now? I’m not doing anything different and have never been on a diet. It’s just the way my body is. 

This has bothered me for a while now and I get offended every time I hear it, but I just smile and blow it off like I don’t care because I don’t want to make a big thing about it. Recently though I have had a couple of my friends on Facebook talk about this and saw something else written about this very subject so I just felt like I had to comment on it.

It’s also a little bit more than saying you’re so skinny. That’s just the beginning. When it starts getting is really offensive is when people start saying negative and mean comments about being thin. The best comment is “real women have curves.” Okay so I’m not a REAL women because I have a small frame and I’m thin? Well fuck you! Well I am a real women and I do have curves. Even if a women doesn’t, and she has a small chest and flat butt; well she was born that way. Sorry she didn’t get plastic surgery. I guess she’s not a real women. Look I want women to be proud of who they are and comfortable in their bodies. All women. Everyone is built differently and whatever is healthy for your body is the way to go.  I just feel like we are celebrating being overweight in a way sometimes. Like I should feel bad because I’m not, if that makes sense.  Just because the average population in the US is overweight and that’s the norm, then that means it’s okay. Well it’s not. That’s a whole other subject though. Again what I really wanted to convey here is, to please just understand that because you may not think these are negative comments, and you are not purposely trying to hurt us, it still does. We are ALL real women and should always support each other.